The Open Source Development Economy

Dystem seeks to drive open source economy by empowering communities to manage change, commission work and reward developers. By using a custom built voting system and a suite of on-blockchain tools, dystem allows the community to work together to decide direction, incentivise requirements and reward those who deliver.

About Dystem

One of the biggest problems facing open source development communities, is collaboratively deciding direction and managing future feature requests, this is closely followed by finding and funding the resources to implement these changes.

We are developing a suite of on and off chain tools to solve these problems. Our first product is a commission system allowing tasks to be listed, applied for, delivered and remunerated. The next is a voting system designed to open up communication and allow democratic decision making.

The Dystem blockchain forms the basis of our product as it enables decentralised transfer of value, an immutable record of history and cryptographically secure adjudication. This gives us a robust autonomous platform on which to deliver our core technology.

Our core technology layer will be available as an integration between the Dystem blockchain and well known pre-existing development and collaboration platforms such as Github, Slack and Discord. This integration will facilitate development in the following keys ways:

  • [Community]
    Enabling direction of travel / change management to be decided by the community via a democratic blockchain backed voting mechanism.

  • [Incentivising]
    Enabling required work to be incentivised by individuals/communities by offering incentives in return for work completed.

  • [Rewarding]
    Enabling compensation for work completed.


Creating a sustainable open source economy.


The ability to find out what the users of your software want the most.


Community driven change management.


Rewarding and incentivising open source developers.


Coin Information

Coin Specification

Coin name: Dystem
Ticker: DTEM
Total Supply: 21,000,000
Premine: 800,000
Type: POS / Masternodes
Masternode Price: 5000 DTEM
Masternode Reward: 82.5%
Reward Height Block Coins Total Rewards Block Subsidy
1-200 800,000 (Premine) 800,000 N/A
201-6100 3,050 803,050 0.5
6101-36100 30,000 833,050 1
36101-100100 160,000 993,050 2.5
100101-120100 500,000 1,493,050 25
120101-220100 1,500,000 2,993,050 15
220101-320100 1,000,000 3,993,050 10
320101-1320100 8,000,000 11,993,050 8
1320101-2320100 6,000,000 17,993,050 6
2320100-2920100 2,400,000 20,393,050 4
2920100+ N/A N/A 2


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