Empowering open source development, rewarding its developers.

Dystem empowers communities to manage change as a group. Using a custom built voting system and a suite of on-blockchain tools, dystem allows community members to decide on decisions and reward those who implement them.

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Community voting and rewards

One of the biggest problems facing both cryptocurrency communities, and open source development, is managing future feature requests. The second biggest problem is finding and funding the resources to implement these changes.

Dystem uses a series of on chain tools to solve these problems. First is a custom on-chain voting system designed to open up communication with the staking community. Then through a series of plugins, bots and online mechanisms, committees can put up rewards to incentivise and fund future changes.


Community driven change management.


The ability to find out what the users of your software want the most.


Rewarding and incentivising open source developers.

Coin Specification

Coin name: Dystem
Ticker: DTEM
Total Supply: 21,000,000
Premine: 800,000
Type: POS / Masternodes
Masternode Price: 5000 DTEM
Masternode Reward: 82.5%

Block Distribution

Reward Height Block Coins Total Rewards Block Subsidy
1-200 800,000 (Premine) 800,000 N/A
201-6100 3,050 803,050 0.5
6101-36100 30,000 833,050 1
36101-100100 160,000 993,050 2.5
100101-120100 500,000 1,493,050 25
120101-220100 1,500,000 2,993,050 15
220101-320100 1,000,000 3,993,050 10
320101-1320100 8,000,000 11,993,050 8
1320101-1200100 6,000,000 17,993,050 6
1200101-2920100 2,400,000 20,393,050 4
2920100+ N/A N/A 2

Current Information

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The initial beta releases are going to target our own community for feedback and review. We intend that in the longer term product is evolved by our product and hence our roadmap is merely a bootstrapping period.


Concept realised & model developed


Blockchain development & beta-test


Wallets for OSX, Linux and Windows


Community including Website V1, Block Explorer, BitcoinTalk ANN, Discord & Twitter


Exchange Listing & Announcment

Q2 2018

Review, improve & refactor of all communication, assets and development work

Q3 2018

Beta voting Mechanism

Q4 2018

Github + another Reward bot

Q1 2019

Public Release V1 voting + rewards

Q3 2019

C#/Javascript Chain & SDK

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